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Олег Боголюбов

Приватный чит Crossfire сервера West/EU/NA| Мощный и удобный функционал

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Приватный чит Crossfire сервера West /EU / NA | Внимательно посмотрите на сервера, где работает конкретно этот чит

Game Engine:
- Lithtech Jupiter EX
Game Version:
- Lastest Version

Работает на системах: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Купить на 30 дней: 12$ [ОПЛАТИТЬ]

Note: Cheat is not working in Ghost Mode, Hero Mode X, Mutation Knight Mode, Mutation Mode, Super Soldier Mode, Wave Mode and Zombie Mode. Only PVP is supported!

Auto Aim
Auto Fire
Fire Delay
Smooth Aim
Limit Angle
Use Aim Key
Prediction Scale
Visibility Check
Aim Style (FOV, Distance, First in list, Health)
Aim Bone (Bone Scan, Head, Chest)
Aim on Friendly
Aim on Enemy
Max Distance
Draw Locked
Use Trigger Key
Fire Delay
Trigger on Friendly
Trigger on Enemy
Max Distance

3D Radar:
Bounding Box (None, 3D, 2D)
Box Size
2D Line
Player Name ESP
Player Distance ESP
Player Health ESP
Player Not Aimable ESP
Head Dot
Dot Size
Aim Laser
Laser Size
Show Friendly
Show Enemy
Max Distance

Customizable Enemy Invisible RGBA Color
Customizable Enemy Visible RGBA Color
Customizable Friendly Invisible RGBA Color
Customizable Friendly Visible RGBA Color
Customizable Crosshair RGBA Color
Customizable Menu RGBA Color
Customizable Is Aiming At You RGBA Color
Customizable Can See You RGBA Color
Customizable Is Visible RGBA Color

2D Radar:
Show Radar
Show Cross
Show Window
Show Dot
Show Friendly
Show Enemy
Stick To Window
Radar Scale
Window Size
Cross Size
Dot Size

Warning System
Aiming At You Angle
Can See You Angle
Max Distance
Beep System
Max Distance

Crosshair (None, Cross, Dot, T-Cross)
Crosshair Size
Draw Resolution
Draw FPS
Draw Time
Draw Watermark
Draw Health Bar
Use Panic Key
No Spread
6 Friendly filter slots
6 Enemy filter slots
Customizable Radar position with the mouse
Customizable Menu position with the mouse

Customizable Panic Key
Customizable Menu Key
Customizable Aim Key
Customizable Trigger Key

Save settings
Load settings

X-Trap Undetected
XignCode Undetected
Secure Hack Streaming System

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